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What Is The Right Thing To Do?

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Hi everyone! I will spare the background and history about me until later on as I progress through The Regimen, but long story short, I have been a lurker for a long time and only now decided to try The Regimen out. I am a 19 year old male. I am about a week and a half in, and like everyone else, I am experiencing dryness and flaking. I would like some advice on what exactly it is I should do next, so I signed up a few minutes ago haha.

I started slowly at once a day before I went to bed, slowly increasing the amount of BP I used. Once I reached twice a day (one week after I began, which was a Friday), I started to become really dry, tight, and scaly. When I started doing it in the morning as well, I only used a tiny bit (because I was already using a double-finger-tip amount at night, I wanted to increase my net BP use slowly too). This seemed to have suddenly caused me to become really dry and flakey.

Double-finger-tip amount is just from the front of the fingernail to the end of the first joint of my pointer finger by the way. If that makes any sense. :P

Now, what I have done for the past couple days is still doing the Regimen twice a day, but greatly reducing the total amount of BP used, probably less than a double-finger-tip amount, which is less than what I used at night before doing twice a day. If I used too much I'm afraid I would prolong and worsen the dryness, and even when I put a little bit it doesn't go on the skin very well because there is a layer of sandpaper lol. At the same time, I do not want to use too little because it seems like it will take me a while to get to the full dosage of a finger-length...

I am about to start using some Jojoba oil (night only) I have not used that I purchased a couple years back (they don't spoil apparently), so I know that will help, but I do not want to stump my progress so far in the Regimen by reducing the amount I use... at this rate it may take 8 weeks to get to the full dosage rather than 4...

I cannot just leave the flakey skin and dryness as be because it's not practical, not comfortable, and I'm a student so I deal with people regularly. I also live in a very dry place with lots of wind and chinooks so that doesn't help. My skin is also oily and shiny, and even more so when I moisturize with any (and I mean ANY) moisturizer...

Any words of advice is greatly, greatly appreciated.

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I have toned it down to 2 times a fingernail length of BP. I am now just almost at my 13 day mark, I believe it is working so far. I would just like to ramp up to the full dosage eventually but it seems like it will take some time. Any tips or recommendations for the peeling and BP use?

Thanks again in advance!

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