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Need A Little Advice With A Cyst.

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Hey everyone. Just wanted to share my story and see if anyone could help me out. Im 17 and in high school. I got bad acne at a super young age and it only continued to get worse as a I got older. Eventually when i was able to go to a derm, I started on acanya then epiduo and now a retinol, while taking doxycycline. After years of these, the doxy stopped working and my cystic acne got so bad i wanted to try a new approach. I started working out ritualistically while eating better and also started taking 50 mg zinc and 500 mg niacin. and wow. things are starting to clear up and my daily cysts are so much better. So enough with the story. I have had the same cyst on the side of my nose for about a year. it started off as a very small white pustule. have had 2 injections and finally my derm said she was afraid of atrophy(indentation) and to let it heal. 8 months later and that has proved false. My questions:

1. has anyone else tried either zinc or niacin for their acne?

2.Any other supplements they like?

3.Any advice on what to do for the cyst. I'm clueless.

4. should i continue to take the doxy although i dont see improvement

Thanks everyone, i know its a lot to ask. i just joined the boards after seeing how awesome the community is.

pics attached.

cyst and current progress



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