Plan B and Cipro Acne Plus Cleanup Story

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On 6/28/2016 at 10:04 AM, antonellad said:

Find out if your insulin resistant if you are you will need to treat that with some supplements 
and quit sugar for good no dim or chinease herb or liver support will help if the problem is the conversion of insulin into testosterone
supplements that can help you if your are insulin resistant (that a simple blood test can tell you that) are: inositol, berberine, magnesium glycinate, Alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin d3 and this book called period repaire manual that you can get in amazon for 8 dollars
goood luck :)  

Thanks Antonellad!! Luckily every time I've been tested I have not shown any signs of insulin resistance since changing my diet in 2009. Mangesium glycinate has helped me a lot over the years! 

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