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Accutane - Side Effects Two Weeks In, General Illness Och Slight Vision Problems

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Hi, guys!

I started my Accutane cure 12 days ago, 40 mg per day. 2-3 days in i got a fever and general cold symptoms (stuffy nose and headache), also dry eyes och and lips. The fever never went higher than 37.9 degrees Celcius (around 100.2 degrees Farenheit). The headache stopped about 5 days after it started and the fever has went down the last days.

I have slight "double vision"/"ghosting", especially after reading and then looking at, for example, my alarm clock 3 meter away. There is maybe a difference by 1-2 centimeters (if looking from a distance of about 3 meters) of the two "pictures" my eyes see. It's hard to tell that there is a "double vision" without looking at something distinguishing, like the alarm clocks glowing numbers. This is in both eyes and the direction of the "secondary picture" differs from day to day. I have dry eyes and use eye drops, but it doesn't seem to fix it.

Do you see a connection to my use of accutane? Have you had problems with cold like symptoms and slight vision problems?

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The cold is likely just a cold, considering you were using accutane for only a couple of days before you started having symptoms (and it's winter-time!), but eye problems are a *possible* side effect (like decreased night vision, etc.). Unfortunately, eye issues are one of those side effects that *might* be permanent. If you notice double vision along with dizziness and nausea - you should let your doctor know right away (this could be a sign of something more serious). However, if the double vision is not accompanied with any other alarming side effects (specifically dizzyness or nausea, headaches are quite common with accutane use) it may not be a reason to stop the accutane, but it would be a good idea to let your derm know if it persists.

What sort of eye drops are you using? Some of the more common types of "eye- drops" are for reducing redness for cosmetic reasons, rather than lubricating or helping with dryness. Using the kind meant for occasional eye-redness may actually dry out your eyes more in the long run. Be sure that you are using a brand meant specifically for preventing/eliminating dryness and irritation of the eyes (and an extra-strength kind, at that). Does it get worse throughout the day, or do you wake up with it? If it gets worse throughout the day, eye-strain might be a possible culprit.

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