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Does Alcohol Help Dry Out Acne? Do You Go Out And Ever Enjoy Clubs/bars Or A Social Life?

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First, off, i feel like everytime i drink my face isnt as oily, and it feels better, it also looks better. It seems to dry out pimples and help get rid of them faster. Idk why though. Any of you ever experienced this?

Now, I have very mild acne now that im 21, I only get a pimple or two everynow and then but sometimes theyre not that noticeable or bad. What i do have is oily skin on my T-zone, so i get a lot of crap around my nose, chin, and next to the nose areas. What really bothers me are my rolling and boxcar scars on my temples. I am aware that I am very good looking from what i been told or been through out my life, but i dont let that make me feel superior or anything, because i just dont feel like it. Im very insecure around people i like, especially girls. I had to let go of all my friends because they always like to go out to places, and especially try to hang out or meet some girls. I try to act confident, like im in and down, but i always get so nervous and even hope we dont find any cuz then i get very quite as i feel they seen my scars and dont like me, and just show pity or something. Its hard to be outgoing, so being quite and uncaring looking only makes me less attractive.

I've become really cold, dark, uncaring, and distant thanks to acne and scars. I avoid my family. I lost the chance to be friends with the girl i really like. I sometimes feel like this acne/scars are for a reason, like they are there to keep me safe from throwing my life away by getting a girl pregnant and drop out of school. Idk, it sounds crazy probly. Im usually just confident when im around some strangers or people i dont really care about, my skin doesnt even bother me then. I havent really gotten out there to parties, dates, or just hanging out somewhere because of this. So my social life is probably non existent. But This weekend i went to strip club with a friend, then to some clubs, got drunk, and didnt sleep all Saturday, and stopped until sunday 2 pm. It just made me remember how i feel sorta disgusted having another person next to me in a car, knowing we are bonding and stuff. It justs makes me feel like i dont want any of that. But at the same time i do. Idk. Sorry if i was rambling and for being so long.

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I think it goes without saying that alcohol in mass amounts isn't good for your physical or emotional health. Socialization and stress relief, however, is. If you are going out with some friends and have a few drinks, good for you, just know to not cross the line into numb-the-pain-away drinking. Alcohol, in small amounts, can be beneficial. Also remember that there are other ways to socialize. Getting friends together to go to an amusement park, hiking, or going to a beach is a wonderful way to socialize that also benefits you physically and emtionally. If it's cold, you're never too old for sledding, or go ice skating.

I have a much better social life now than when I was a teen, even though I have a kid, mostly because I'm more confident and sociable. I learned confidence while I still had acne, and finally stopped isolating myself like a leper. It was life-changing and awesome. Now I'm married and happy, and have a very fulfilled life.

I'm CelloIsLove.

Here's the problem I see:

People want to heal their acne through diet and lifestyle. Great. But then they get obsessed only with their skin and not how they FEEL. Physically. Emotionally. What is the quality of your life? It's not directly connected to your flesh, I can tell you that. Then obsess over their food. They hear "diet" and think low-fat, juicing, fasting, cleansing, starving. You're young. Do you really think you have liver failure? Do you really think you need more fiber?

Paleo changed my life. It's the only lifestyle that ever helped me-not just with my skin, but with my life. My happiness. My fitness. It says, "Eat good quality meats. Eat lots of veggies. Eat fruit too. Some nuts. Then go outside. Walk around. See the world. Play with friends. Lift heavy things. Get some sun. Then go sleep, wake up and do it again." What that means to me is to live an enjoyable, happy, dynamic life where I can be the best me for the people I love, not anxious, not angry, not depressed.

Be gentle to your skin, your heart, your tummy, and your life.

Get out there and live.

And also eat bacon.

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