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New Year Clear Skin

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I started the regimen 2 days ago.

I had mild acne as a teenager which almost resolved in my late teens. Now 23 I had to come off the combined contraceptive pill due to contraindications of having migraine with aura. I now use depo provera for contraception. I started getting some spots again over a year ago however this got worse when I finished a course of doxycycline I was taking for malaria prophylaxis over the summer. As my only contraception options due to migraine with aura are progesterone based I feel I will be stuck with the side effect of acne even if I change... apart from my skin I am thrilled with the depo!

So having been rather faddish with various skin treatments/regimes I am determined to take on this regimen and stick at it to hopefully have clear skin by the summer.

Wish me luck!


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