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My Prescription Based Regimen (Adult Male)

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I finally made a trip to the derm and wanted to share the regimen she put me on...but first;


31 yr old Male; physically fit and a balanced diet. I started getting very mild, random pimples between the ages of 22-24 (just spot treated). From 24-26 I would get larger, more cystic spots but only 1 - 3 at a time...The acne started multiplying and spreading right before I turned 27 and has been an issue ever since. I was getting married that year so I went to a derm and got prescribed minocycline and some topicals...It controlled the large breakouts but my skin was getting worse (more oily, more blemishes and discoloring, some scarring and occasional breakouts). I got sick of the meds after a while and the dermatologist too; I never went back and just dealt with it. In 2012 while I was 29 I asked my PCP about treating my adult acne and he put me on doxycycline. I took it for a few months but stopped once it ran out; it wasn't controlling/treating it like I hoped. Since then I've been attempted to control it myself with OTC products & advice from blog after forum after blog after forum...2013 has been my absolute worst year yet. I've spent far too much time and money on this.

My Acne: Cystic + whiteheads/blackheads. Cystic on jaw line, on and around nose and occasionally on forehead and cheeks. White/Black heads around mouth/chin/jaw line, nose and cheeks. I would rate moderate to lower end of severe during a bad breakout.

Derm Visit:

The visit went well and the Dr spent quality time w/me. I came very prepared with a list of medicine that I've been prescribed in the past with notes about outcome and / or side effects...She asked if it was a good day or a bad day (for the acne) in my opinion; I said that it's actually seems like it is getting better. I had no active cystic acne during this visit but white/black heads and plenty of blemishes. She rated my acne at moderate to upper moderate. We talked about some topicals as well as accutane. She wanted me to try an 8 week regimen w/a few different Rx's (see below) before considering accutane. We'll review progress after the 8 weeks and go from there.


AM: PanOxyl 10% BP wash, moisturize, apply Clindamycin (Phosphate 1% gel) to entire face.

PM: Gentle wash (Using Burt's Bees Sensitive facewash), moisturize, apply Tazorac (0.1% gel) to entire face.

Doxycycline 100mg: 2/day

Notes: I was told to use the Clyndamycin following the BP wash because they 'work good together'. I was told to start Tazorac use twice per week and gradually get to every night. I was told to take the Doxycycline with breakfast and dinner. I asked about spot treatment and she said I could use the Tazorac as spot treatment if needed. I asked about a mid-day face wash since I work out a few times each week and sweat; she asked how many hours after the morning wash - anywhere from 4-5 hours - she recommended redoing the AM wash regimen.

Thoughts/advice/feedback/experience is all welcome; I'll stick to this as close as possible, hopefully I see some improvements.


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