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Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petroleum = Acne?

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So I've written down all the products that have given me bad acne. I've noticed a correlation: products with mineral oil, petroleum and silicones as the main ingredient gave me the worst acne.

Now, these things are apparently not suppost to be acne causing. Is my skin hyper sensitive? Am I not moisturising enough?

I currently have dry, flaky skin, especially since I need a good moisturiser and am using salicylic treatment on my pimples.


These are some products that have broken me out:

Vichy Dermablend Stick (mineral oil, talc, beeswax, isopropyl palminate)

This stuff gave me horrible deep acne, black heads and milia. What ingredients do you think did that? Or is it simple the formula as a whole is too thick that it clogs pores?

Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer (petroleum, lanolin oil)

This gave me lots of smaller acne.

Maybelline Smooth mousse (Cyclopentsiloxane main ingredient)

Maybelline mineral concealer (cyclopentsiloxane main ingredient)


If you know what your talking about please leave any and all info you know! I'm lost now. I don't know what to wear that won't break me out.

-Do you think its these ingredients that break me out?

-What do you know about these ingredients?

-Are there any foundations that don't have these ingredients or contain smaller amounts of it?

Also, bareminerals is no good for me. It might have been the primer that broke me out badly, but either way, there's not enough coverage and it's too dry for my skin.

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