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Is It Time To Change My Regimen?

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Hey guys I just wanted some advice on my current regimen. For some background info I have had almost clear skin for the past 2 months using my current regimen; a lot better compared to having at least 15 spots on my face (mostly cystic) 6 months before, which the pics definitely prove. But I have noticed some spots coming up daily; not enough that its bothering me but enough to where I am looking into it before it can get worse.

My current regimen is:

Topical: Retin A micro .1% night - Cetaphil Daily Facial Wash day and night.

Oral: Vitamin C 500mg morning, D3 5000 ui afternoon, and chelated zinc 30 mg night. (talked to my doctor before staring these vitamins)

Should I just wait until it gets worse and then take action or should I try adding something or removing something?

My current plan is to remove D3 and add fermented cod oil (good source or Vit A and D3) and also add Vitamin E.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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