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Isotretinoin After Surgery/getting Cheaply?

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Hi everyone,

I am about to start my 3rd round of Accutane (have done it twice over the past 3 years- I get 6-9 months of wonderful relief from my severe acne before it comes back).

Yes, I have tried EVERYTHING else- I'm 31 and have had severe acne since probably my senior year of high school. Tried everything under the sun and probably 5 dermatologists over the past 15 years. I don't have good insurance anymore so the treatment will likely cost me between $5-8k, but maybe this time it'll work for good?

My question is: I had a pretty major shoulder surgery just over 3 months ago (labral repair). I can't start Accutane again until Jan 22 (stupid iPledge) so by then I'll be nearly 4 months out. Is that safe, or will it set my healing and progress with range of motion and strength way back? Anyone have any personal experience with it?

My derm doesn't seem to know much about it, just says it's iffy. I'm a professional athlete and I need my shoulder... but I also need to be able to be photographed, and sponsors don't love nasty acne all over an athlete's face. This round of it is worse than it's ever been, now going down both sides of my neck and upper chest area where in the past it's only been face. Fun stuff.

Hmmm... while I'm thinking about it, has anyone had any luck getting isotretinoin illegally- without all the expensive doc visits and the iPledge regulated bs? The only side effects I've ever had were dry skin/lips, and there's no way I'll end up pregnant. It would be great not to go into a shit ton of debt again over this.

Thanks in advance!

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