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I Found My Cure After 4 Years

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I don't usually post these things but it was a post I read 9 months ago that helped me...and now I want to spread the word.

Background: female 27

5 years ago I had beautiful flawless skin. Every once and a while I'd get a tiny zit but nothing major. Then all of a sudden I started getting cysts. 1 or 2 a month at first and only on my chin. With time the cysts got worse, lasted longer and spread to the rest of my face.

I tried everything. I went to the dermatologist multiple times and tried all the prescription meds (except accutane... I refused due to horrible effects and fertility issues I read about) and face washes. I started going to the spa frequently to have facials. I tried multiple birth control pills. Tried tweaking my diet and drinking more water. Got tested for thyroid issues. Tossed all my makeup and got new acne friendly products. You name it... Nothing worked. Not even a little. And FYI I wanted to scream at all the idiots out there that told me I just needed to wash my face better or eat fewer processed foods. I couldn't tell you how many times I heard "just try proactive!"

Hence, I started reading acne blogs and found a post about spironolactone

Spironolactone's main function isn't to treat acne but a side deffect of the drug is that it reduces testosterone levels. And since many adults have acne due to increased testosterone, it reduces cystic acne. I was very skeptical because I had been told by multiple doctors and derms that my acne was probably not hormonal if I didn't see any results from using birth control pills. But at this point I had tried everything else and figured there was no harm in trying.

I requested spiro from my doc and she said she'd let me try it at the low dose (50). I also began taking the pill again at the same time because I read that spiro should be taken at the same time as the pill to help stabilize hormones. It also has a higher success rate when taken together.

3 months later I still had acne. BUT....I had noticed a very subtle change to my cystic acne. I noticed that the cysts were going away quicker and some of them even came to a head (as opposed to staying under my skin for months or even years). So I went back to the doc and got the higher 100 dose of spiro. I had nothing to lose. note: you have to have your potassium tested while taking spiro.

2 months later when I got my period I got only tiny cysts. I chalked it up to a coincidence because I didn't want to get my hopes up. But it has been a few moths now since increasing my dose and my skin is clearer than it has been in years. I had my period a week ago and didnt get a single zit!!! I still have a patch of old cysts on one cheek that are going away little by little, and I'll probably consult a deem for a few acne scars in the same area, but otherwise I feel more confident than I have in years.

So my cure =

Sprionalactone (100), Birth control pill (trinessa), and time (It took 7 months before I began to notice significant improvement). It does irk me a little that I was paying so much money for all those experts to help me and in the end it was my own research and an online post that cured me. Hope this helps.

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