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Get Your Skin Back!

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I was the kind of person that thought my skin could handle anything! Any scrub, and treatment, all of it! I was beyond wrong!!!! My skin had become irritated and so sensitive! My skins natural barrier was so damaged. I tried:

Tea tree oil

Lemon juice



Salicylic acid

Benzol peroxide

Retina-A ( it's a retinoid)

Clean and clear

And the list goes on.........

I had basically damaged my skin and would literally cry because it was just hurting my confidence so bad. My parents just said to leave it alone! And I had given up on it all so I figured I had nothing to lose. Honestly, it was the best advice I had ever gotten! LEAVE IT ALONE! I quit all those stupid treatments and chemicals and "cures"! It's day 4 of this and I literally just wash my face morning and evening with a super gentle non-medicated cleanser! It's awesome and my skin is glowing and rebuilding itself! No new pimples and I can say that I have hope in my skin.

Has anyone tried this? If so, please comment! I just believe that we must stop treating our skin as an enemy and attacking it! It's damaged and we need to help it heal!

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