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Treatment To Remove These Acne Scars On My Face

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I would like you to recommend to me what treatment to follow to eliminate or mitigate the impact of a few little holes I have on my face because of my youthful acne. I am 29 years old. I have found a lot of dermatologists on Internet, most of them with a lot of followers but also with many people complaining because of bad results, so I have a lot of doubts about the subject.

I am uploading a picture of someone who has my same problem, although the depth of the acne on my face is just a little less and there is less extension in my face as well.


I would like to know if any of you have been subjected to a treatment for these kind of sequels and which treatment you'd recommend for me. I have a heard a lot about Laser Treatment, but I would like to know which you'd recommend. I would also like to read any of your advice and opinions. Thanks a lot.


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