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Salicylic Acid Causing Clogged Pores? Please Help!

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Hey guys... I'm feeling really upset right now. I feel like everything I'm doing is just making my skin worse. I'm so so diligent about what I put on my skin. I check the ingredients in everything- research all the info I possibly can, but the last few months have been horrible for me. Please- help me figure out whats happening!

September 2012- 18 years old- On Alesse Birth Control for 5 years now. Starting to notice some clogged pores and oily skin increasing. I always had beautiful skin- so this was weird to me.

Jan 2013- Switched to Seasonale Birth control- for more regularity. Using Neostrata Clarifying Cleanser, Neostrata Toning solution level 2- 2% bha and 10% aha, with Neostrata smoothing lotion level 3 with 10% aha. NO inflamed breakouts- just seeing an increase in clogged pores.

April 2013- Noticing back and chest breakouts- never had those before either. REALLY oily skin starting and clogged pores almost everywhere.

Tried " Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer"- got even more clogged pores on my forehead!!!

June 2013- almost full back acne and very very oily skin with breakouts.

Starting switching some products up to see if those were the problems. Tried Paula's choice bha liquid with 2% BHA instead of Neostrata toning solution, but not only got more clogged pores but also little red pimples along with them- mostly on my forehead.

This fall; Tried stopping all forms of acids- just " simple refreshing facial wash" and " Neostrata oil free moisture infusion lotion"- no clogged pores but definitely some inflamed pimples.

Stopped the " Simple-refreshing facial wash gel" as I thought thats what was causing the inflamed clogged pores.

Dec 2013- started Ortho Cyclen- incase the insanely oily skin/clogged pores were from the birth control before, as this one is supposed to be good for acne.

Went back to the Neostrata toning solution, Neostrata cleanser and a moisturizer for acne skin- " Renee Rouleau Tea Tree Anti Blemish Lotion" and these clogged pores won't stop!!!! Also still getting inflamed pimples and under the skin cysts :(

Help please!!!!!!! What could all of this be from? Could Salicylic Acid possibly cause closed comedones or clogged pores? Has anyone had this issue?

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