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Itchy And Red Skin After Three Months Of Use; Really Need Help With Moisturizer!

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I've been on The Regimen for three months now. My acne has slowed down impressively (I usually got 1 inflamed pimple every 2-3 days, now if I do get one is like every month or so) the thing is my face is red. I live in a country were none of the recommended moisturizers are available (Except for Cetaphil's Gentle Lotion or whatever, but it costs almost 40USD and it contains comedogenic ingredients) .I am using a Neutrogena Oil free SPF as moisturizer , but it doesn't even moisturize. I recently (2 days ago) changed to Eucerin Dermo Purufier Moisturizer and it doesn't seem to moisturize. I also have seen Eucerin ph5 lotion but I was afraid it was going to break me out as it didn't say "non-comedogenic" on it although no 3+ comedogenic ingredient was on it.

The products I am using are:

.Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar or Neutrogena Transparent Cleansing Bar

.Benzac AC 2.5% (1x day as it stings to much for me)

.I don't have a common moisturizer as I'm currently in the process.

.An aloe vera gel that contains alcohol (I use it twelve hours apart from when I apply bp)

. I also tried Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream as it apparently was non comedogenic but it clogged my pores ( a few whiteheads and blackheads)

Any help would be strongly appreciated, please help me.

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