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Paranoid - Is This Rosacea Or Normal Effects After Alcohol Consumption?

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Hi all,

I have previously suffered from mild acne (if that) but I grew out of it and very rarely do I get a pimple. I stopped drinking coca cola as well as stopped eating fast food and limited chocolate consumption and that may have or may not have led to a stop in mild acne. Or perhaps I just grew out of it, who knows.

Anyway I am 26 at the moment and have only recently (last 6 months or so) found that my face goes red, especially sometimes after a heavy night of drinking alcohol. The catch though is that sometimes when I drink heavily, the next morning I do not get a flushed red face whereas at other times my face goes red. My mates tell me that it is because of alcohol consumption and the capillaries have broken so I have gone with that as it seems like a fair judgement. Within the last 10 or so months as well, I have started eating fast food. Anyway, my face also does go red every now and then even after I do not drink alcohol. To me, the face looks as though I have been wearing sunglasses in the sun and I have got a little sunburnt.

I wanted to ask you guys does this look as though I have what you call rosacea. If not, what else could be causing this flushing of the face?

thank you very much for all of your assistance. i just really want to know what is causing this redness so that i can try and reduce it in the future. is facial redness after the consumption of alcohol called rosacea or is it considered just a normal effect after the consumption of heavy alcohol use? thank you.

Could it be the below:

Alcohol Flush (Also known as “Asian Glow”, Oriental Flushing Syndrome, or Asian Flush) is a common cosmetic skin condition that affects 65% of East Asians and 38% of Caucasians. Most people who are affected by Alcohol Flush might not realize that it is a condition that can be treated medically and is due to a deficiency in Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ADH), an enzyme that breaks down alcohol. Alcohol Flush is often quit noticeable and can range from a minor red skin flush to fully red and irritating flush on the face, neck, and chest. This irritating red glow is unsightly and can be quite embarrassing. We would know, we used to have AF too!


Or could this just be a case of alcohol flush?







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