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Natra-Bio Acne Relief

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Hello all. I just wanted to recommend a homeopathic medicine that personally helps my acne, but I haven't seen mentioned here.

It's called "Acne Relief" and it's made by Natra-Bio.

It contains the following:

Wild Rosemary, Sulphur, Bromium, Graphite, Calcium Sulfide, Potassium Boride, Soduim Bromide, and Sodium Chloride.

I buy it at The Vitamin Shoppe.

I hope this helps someone.


Verilux ClearWave light therapy daily


Low-sugar, low-carb. Salmon, coconut, olive oil, green smoothies, kefir, carrot juice. No alcohol. Detox and 'Sugar Balance' tea from Triple Leaf. Water!


Spironolactone 100mg/day, Yasmin, Minocycline.

Current supplements:

Rainbow Light Women's 1 Multivitamin, Nature's Plus Sugar Control, DIM, Taurine, EFAs, Probiotics


Wash with Nizoral and Cetaphil, facial steaming, egg white mask, epsom salt mask.

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