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Caveman Regimen

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The caveman regimen

The caveman regimen its a regimen that you dont use anything of your face this means no cleanser, toner, moisturizer, or anything else to restore your skins acid mantle.

The acid mantle is the top layer of the epidermis which help fight micro organisms and bacteria every day whit out it you are prone to acne or other harmful skin disease.

It takes up 14 hours to 2-3 weeks for your acid mantle to restore to its natural ph.

Many people had great success, some horrible, probably because they dint stayed on the regimen or a healthy life style.

My skin

I have very sensitive skin, acne mild get huge pimples very often. Tried alot of crap on my skin that seem to work but only for a bit. I got uneven skin tone, flaky, dry.

My Concerns

I know it sounds horrible not washing your face, letting your skin build up dead skin, oil, or other. Then worried about breaking out like crazy >.< , and just giving up.

My skin will look like crap, or make it worse

I read many reviews about it on The Love Vitamin <---- Web Site

My main concern is sweat do i wipe the sweat off or leave it on. I will do this for as long has i can tolerate. ill Update this every day before i go to bed.

It would be awesome i could have support ^.^

How my skin looks right now



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