Holy Isotretinoin Batman, It's Another Accutane Log!

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Hi - Just wanted to post an update, it's now almost a year after stopping accutane and I am...

still clear!

Not experiencing any side effects!

No pain parties, no sneaky cyst capers, no ouchies. Some clogged pores that appear and disappear over the course of my cycle but NO white heads.

My PIH is almost completely gone (I hate makeup now....takes too much time and I have STUFFS I GOTTA DO). Now that my PIH is clearing up I am noticing more permanent scars here and there, but nothing scary. To all those in the midst of the accutane wars, PM me if you have questions, concerns, or just wanna vent. Good luck!

My Accutane log (with pictures): Holy Isotretinoin Batman It's another Accutane Log!

26 y/o female- approx. 54kg

Absorica -40 mg, 1 daily, December 26, 2013 - February, 25, 2014

Absorica - 60 mg, 1 daily. February 26, 2014 - July 6th 

Probiotic - 1 daily

Fish oil supplement w/ vit D - 1 daily



Cetaphil cleanser

Food Grade Rose water - Toner

La Roche Posay Mineral Water Spray

Vichy 50+ Capital Soleil Cream for Sensitive Skin



Cetaphil Cleanser

Food grade Rose Water - Toner

Ziana (tretinoin/clinda combo) August, 2014 - Current

La Roche Posay Mineral Water Spray

Aveeno Positively Radiant intensive night cream

Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion- PM

Avene Cicalfate (as needed)

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Hi Meg, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog, even though you have finished for a while. I have just restarted another course of isotretinoin about 10 years after my first one. I'm right in the middle of, I'm sure, my IB period and it's really frustrating. I know it will pass but sometimes it doesn't make it easier while you are going through it. 

it's so nice to be able to read about your and so many people's experiences, even though I have been through it before but memory tend to be blurry when all I remember is how clear my skin was clear but now it's not again haha

thank you, you are a true inspiration!!

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