Just Started Accutane.

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That is awesome!
I just started accutane 6 days ago

I want to do low dose and my derm agreed

but my appt to get my scripts for accutane she rec 40mg a day?

(I weigh about 130 or less)

I insisted I wanted a lower dose so she agreed ot 20mg but after 2 weeks wanted me to bump to 40mg and at the end of 6mnths over 80mg?


Did your Dr suggest this longer term low dose regimen or was it at your suggestion?

thanks, kim

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Hey Kim , I went in wanting a high dose , because i weigh a lot (well 80kg , dno if thats a lot) and 10mg seemed an awful lot less than what people get prescribed on this forum, so I was a little dissapointed when she only prescribed that.
The 10mg caused a huge initial breakout , i have no idea what would've happened if i was on a higher dose . The highest i went was 30mg a day.

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Very cool to see such a dramatic improvement from accutane. I remember the doctor saying that it is quite normal for your acne to get WORSE in the first 2-6 weeks. Looks like that happened to you, and then it finally started to work, and voila, acne really disappeared. Nice!

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