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Few Questions - Seb Derm. Plesae!

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Hi I've been lurking on the forum for a while and decided to make an account to ask a few questions and hopefully get a reply.

Since Feb this year I developed a serious bad case of seb derm. It quickly filled my scalp, groin, left eye lid, both ears - outside and inside, behind ears, and now; my forehead! It's terrible on my forehead, 3 very big patches and it seems to be growing.


- Will biotin help? I saw a post on a thread that it will, but it's like 5 years old - has anyone had any good experiences with it?

- Is anti-candida diet the way to go?

-could it just be hormones, and leave naturally? i'm 18.

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Hey, if you see my thread below, I have a similar sort of problem (although mine is just one giant patch of red right in between my eyebrows and forehead)

I went to the doctor this morning who told me it is indeed sebheorric (sp) eczema. He prescribed me some daktacort hydrocortisone cream to try (I'm from England so i don't know i it's available or not where you are, presuming you aren't from England yourself, that is).

I've been to doctors copious times now about various skin problems, and I asked him today if there's anything i've done that might have caused this particular problem. He said it's simply genetics, 'as hereditary as blue eyes and brown hair'. That itself was quite disheartening, cos now I finally realise there's nothing i can do to prevent it from happening, simply treat it when it does. It may be the same case for you bud. just simply genetics, hormones, whatever you want to call it. Go and see the doc, preferable a dermatology specialised one, and get some treatment for it if it's bothering you.

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