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Jared Valdez

What Kind Of Acne Is This?

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My acne what kind is it?

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I went to the dermatologist but I felt like he just looked and just gave me something that he gives to everyone.

He gave me Retin-A or trentionion and Benzyl peroxide gel.

I really need some help my self confidence has went from top to bottom, I don't even go to school because I am afraid to show my ugly acne!

Can someone please help me? I am also using a cleanser called 'Gentle Acne Scrub by AcneFree Oatmeal and jojoba'

Can someone please help? I just want to never wake up because my acne is horrible!

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Yep, moderate, not too bad at all - it looks mostly like scarring. You're still young so try not to panic too much about your future. Likely this is age and hormone related. Do try out the regimen or a drug store version of it, it may help.

Currently clear of acne with the occasional hormonal breakout. Check out my routines and progress updates here:

Treat yourself as you treat others.

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