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10% Bp When Skin Already Accustomed To Bp

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Hello all,

I am curious about everyone's opinion when it comes to 10% BP on the regimen. I used the search function and could not find any posts answering my particular question.

A little history about my acne and previous treatments. I have been using 10% BP (prescription Perrigo 10%) for about 5 years in generous amounts 1x-2x daily. Until recently, simply washing my face and applying BP at night kept my acne at bay with only a few small pimples here and there. As of about 4 months ago, my acne has been "acting up" and my usual regimen of washing with a cleanser and applying 10% BP isn't quite getting the job done. At this point in time, i have more acne now than I have ever experienced. Four months ago, I began using clean pillow cases every night (something I never did in the past), greatly limited the amount I have been touching or picking at my face, have been using only clean towels, and significantly increased water consumption. Around this time, I also began taking zinc, vitamin a, and vitamin d3, Two months ago, I began using doxycycline 100mg BID which still has yet to do anything for my acne. Also, two months ago, I started the "regimen." Rather than buying DKR products, I have substituted with OTC products (Clean and Clear morning burst face cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizing lotion) and the prescription 10% BP.

My question lies here; since my skin is accustomed to the 10% BP, is it deleterious to use BP of this strength while on the regimen? I have been laying the 10% on thick, twice daily, and have not experienced redness, unusual dryness, or any of the other side effects people on this forum experience when first using BP. I am going to order the DKR regimen supplies this afternoon (as I have recently read that my cleanser, which I have been using for years, contains ingredients that can potentially exacerbate acne) but I am hesitant to order the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide when my skin is already accustomed to the 10% strength.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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