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What Is This On My Face? (Pic Included)

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So a few months ago I got a pimple and popped it- I know it's a bad thing, but it was a really big whitehead- and everything seemed to going smoothly for a couple of days after. However, the inflammation stopped and, from as far as I can tell, the redness has stayed roughly the same for about 1.5-2 months. I have gotten red marks before, but this is very unusual. When I curl my lip and look really closely at the mark, I see a small amount of white pus in the center, almost as if I didn't get all the pus out when I popped it. The spot is also raised slightly; when I run my finger over my skin, I can barely, but still can, feel it. Also the spot doesn't hurt at all.

I have avoided putting any topicals on it such as BP or any other pimple spot treaments that I normally use, and I wash my face with a 2% salicylic acid facewash everyday. So what could this mark be? I've researched and the closest things that match what I have are boils, cysts, or an infected hair follicle. But all of these have pain as a symptom and my spot does not hurt.

When I examine the spot, it appears that blood is trying to heal the white pus that is in the center, but it can't and thus the spot stays at a consistent red spot. So would putting something like tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar work at reducing this spot? I've researched a few methods that could potential work to heal this spot, but I would like to get some input before I try them. Thanks for reading and have a good day :)

*sorry for the semi-bad pic quality; the camera portrays the spot under my lip as a pimple, but it just won't go


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