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*Warning* English is not my 1st language it is my 3rd *Warning*

Just a brief history. I have always been a flusher from long as i can remember as i got older permanent redness started setting in. I have oily skin, enlarged pores, red marks, bad texture and red tone skin. I was always insecure about my skin, I could never point a finger at it but my skin is very weird... in some lighting my skin tends to look flawless but under certain lightings its very bumpy,flaky, and discolor'd(my girlfriend has pointed this out).
Outside (looks perfect) - http://i.imgur.com/uoecq14.jpg
side of cheek inside - http://i.imgur.com/7sfRbjH.jpg
cheeks are red outside - http://i.imgur.com/J718XMg.jpg

2 months ago i was diagonised with Rosacea(first time going to a dermatologist). She recommended me Finacea + Metrogel(Got a huge sample pack which lasted 7 weeks). They did not work!
I have also tried Mirvaso which was actually amazing but it was 10x worse if i trigger'd a flush and omg the rebound flushing. icon_sad.gif!!

I went to a medspa interested in a IPL but somehow they convinced me to get "Laser Genesis 1064nm" which did nothing to help. I did some more research at home and found V-beam was supposly the "gold standard" for Rosacea.
So i went to Dermatologist/Plastic Surgeon he recommended i could get Purpura or Non-Purpura. I decided to get the Purpura as i heard it works much more effective.

The actual lasering did not hurt what-so-ever imo... even the nurse(who seem'd very qualified as she was very informative) said i got through it better then most people. She turn'd up the setting while giving me the treatment cause my bruising went away 2 fast or thats what she said. It lasted about like 5-10 minutes and it felt like someone was spitting hot water on my face.

Afterwards my cheeks are extremely swollen and my whole mid-section of my face is just full of black-dots.. I havent seen a photo online as bad as mine, but im assuming it was a very aggressive treatment.

I posted this on Rosacea Support but the forums seem dead so i guess ill start updating my progress here instead.

Day 1 (25 hours after treatment)

The black dots now seem to be kinda purplish/red with some hard bumps forming(not sure what this is). The swelling has gotten worse or maybe its because i just woke up?



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I got v beam done on a red spot (not acne related)- it was like a cluster of cells- i think thats what they said. Anyways they v-beamed it a couple times where it turned into a black bruise. It took about 2 weeks for it to fully go away. :) good luck!

Oh and make sure you wear sun scream after the marks go away because the sun can make marks come back.

"Pass the marmalade" - Hermione Granger

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I'm also considering V-Beam as I've heard it can make those spider veins and general redness go away. But I'm really turned off by those after pictures... most people seem to get really bad bruising and I have really sensitive skin, so I'm really hesitant about taking that risk. Also, I have probably done about 10 sessions of laser genesis in the past 2 years or so, and the effect is really subtle. You most likely won't get anything out of just one session, you need at least 3 for it to build up and make a noticeable difference. I do think that overtime it helps with healing of red marks and scars. It's just very gradual so most people don't feel like it does anything.

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Im also considering purpura V-beam treatment (had non purpuric), did it reduce your redness?

And could you please post a new picture or place one that looks like yours? those pictures you uploaded are removed. I am very curious about your skin condition and would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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