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Trying To Get To The Center Of The Problem

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Hello everyone, Im going to turn 18 in 2 months and I'm here to seek for advice or any help on my situation.

My acne has always been between severe and mild, and I have had some successes with trying to eliminate the cause of my acne but my cystic acne just wont budge.

-Ive been on a very restrictive diet, only eat chicken, veggies and fruits and water( I know it sucks) and noticed that whiteheads and blackheads have stopped except on rare what I consider normal occasions. So what would be considered normal acne I have it under control really, the diet im on is to help prevent cysts which is my main problem. I get cysts on almost a daily basis, and like I have succeeded with eliminating my cause of less sever acne, it seems the cysts may have another root to the core of the problem.

My regimen

- Use aspirin mask or baking soda mask to treat spots and lessen the irritation/size of cysts daily, and also put witch hazel in the morning before school, and vinegar on my face when I get home from school sometimes

I try and limit doing exfoliating masks to about once a week, and wash my face with only water about 3 times a day (morning, after school, and when I shower.)

I have very oily facial skin, but for some reason only seem to get cystic acne on my cheeks. Can anyone explain why that is? does the oil concentrate more in the cheeks, because my forehead and nose are usually very oily if not more then my cheeks. I try to not wash my face as often.

I've also heard of theories surrounding excess levels of ___ causing cystic acne. If anyone can help me out I'de greatly appreciate it. Cystic acne has in a way ruined my life, I used to be really social and somewhat popular at school, but now I'm like the only senior in my school who gets really bad and ugly acne =(

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