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Green Papaya Powder

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good evening or day,

recently thought about using green papaya powder to exfoliate my skin.

am curious if anyone has tried it here. if there is a thread that discusses this please direct me to it.


Found this online...

Unripe or green papaya contains natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and papain.

Papain is an enzyme that helps exfoliate the superficial layer of dead skin cells to give way to new cells.

Gentle even on the most delicate and sensitive skin, simple DIY papaya facial masks provide a chemical-free enzyme treatment to restore radiance and lock in moisture on dull-looking skin.

When papaya is used on the skin it makes the skin glow. The enzyme papain is known to break down protein and when used on the skin it dissolves dead skin. Using a facemask of papaya on skin helps to heal acne. It works for smoothing the skin and creating a healthier looking skin.

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never mind. just realized this might not be in the ideal spot for responses.

yet, i will be purchasing this to use for exfoliation purposes. i love trying new (yet ancient) approaches to skin care.

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