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After 9 Years Of Acne, I'm Clear With The Regimen!

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Hello community!

It's been nearly 4 years since I last visited this site. For the past eight months, I've been using The Regimen. AND I'M CLEAR!!!

I urge you to try The Regimen. It's no secret. It's just the best I've ever experienced. Seriously. (Obviously it's dependent on you, but) this stuff really works! I'm not paid by Dan,, or any third party vendor, etc etc. IT F***ING WORKS! I want you to be clear. So you can hear me out if you want. I'll tell my brief story below. Maybe it'll give you some insight, comparisons, and inspiration.


I'm a 22 year-old male. I first joined this website as a member in 2008. I was only a 17 year-old junior in high school then. I had been through most all of it then. After 2011, I kind of gave up on my skin and this site. Well, now I'm back and I finally tried The Regimen, and I'm clear as hell now.

I first started getting acne at age 13. After nine years, I can tell you it's hormonal and genetic. There was no escaping it. At age 16, I took my first of three treatments of Accutane. My moderate to severe acne went away for about six months. I took my second treatment at the age of 18. Again, it went away for about a year. In my second semester of college, my acne came back even worse. Again, I experienced more cystic acne and scarring in every sense. After my third failed Accutane treatment my sophomore year of college at the age of 20, I just let my skin by and try face washes and natural remedies. I was done with prescription medicine.

Among all of the Accutane treatments, I tried it all: creams, gels, pils, CP, BP, AHA, exfoliates, masks, diets, regimens, exercise throughout, excessive water, etc etc.

And then last March, I watched some YouTube videos of people on The Regimen. I tried it out because I didn't really care if it didn't work. Everything else failed on me. I had nothing to lose.

In his videos, Dan said people on The Regimen would be guaranteed to be completely clear in three months if they stuck to The Regimen. I was clear in about two and saw dramatic results in about four weeks.

It's been eight months, and I'm still clear!

Now I'm looking to get rid of these scars.


Pros of The Regimen:

-You will be clear

-You will be clear

-You will be clear

Cons of The Regimen:

-It takes a bit of time in the morning and night (if you do it right)

-It's not cheap, but it is worth every penny

-It bleaches your clothing and towels if you're not careful (but not your skin, don't worry)



Accutane since 3/16/09

Ended 10/5/09

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Do you use dans products? At the moment I'm using Dans BP and two store brought products for moisturiser and cleanser. Worried there not gonna be as effective. Only started yesterday though

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I cleared to but please dont stop doing the regimen even if you cleared up cause it will come back. It happened to me. So fucking depressing. Acne was so persistent

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