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Dan's Aha

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Hello, I have only been on the regimen for about a week and I have just started to used Dan's AHA for my dark spots/acne scars. I know that you are supposed to be on the regimen for 4-6 weeks before using the glycolic acid but before the regimen I had been using Epiduo for about 6 months, so my skin is used to the benzoyl peroxide. I have only used the AHA for two nights, and both times I did what Dan said and mixed a little bit with my moisturizer before bed. So for my nightly routine I: cleanse my face with Cerave hydrating cleanser, apply 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and then apply 1/2 AHA and 1/2 Cerave moisturizer. Both times I did this, I woke up and my skin was extremely dry, despite the product claiming to be very moisturizing. Am I using the product wrong? Should I just use the AHA after the BP as an additional spot treatment and not mix it with my Cerave moisturizer? Please Help!

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