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23 Y/o Female; 1St Accutane Experience!

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Started my accutane treatment today! 30mg generic brand claravis.

I've struggled with mild cystic acne since I was about 16. Never been too bad but nothing will ever completely get rid of it. I constantly have at minimum 2-3 giant cysts on my face (jawline mostly, cheeks occasionally) and they HURT. My derm has tried several oral medications and topical creams and none of them have done a thing. For the past year, my acne has flared up and has been worse than ever. Finally my derm mentioned trying accutane. I was skeptical at first, but I'm willing to try it for better skin!

Purchased cetaphil cleanser, neutrogena spf15 oil-free moisturizer, and aquaphor lip treatment. I wanna be prepared for what's to come!

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Good luck! I started accutane for the first time on the 27th Novemeber (2 days ago) ! I'm 24 with also mild cystic acne, mainly on cheeks and chin. Have tried topical/antibiotics which don't have much effect. I was on dianette, then came off this year and that is when my skin got really bad. I am now back on dianette again which has cleared things up but looking to accutane to sort things out for good. I am also on 30mg a day.

Not looking to a potential initial breakout as my skin is currently clear from the dianette. Hopefully may side step it.

I have also bulked up on cetaphol cleanser and moisturiser, e45 cream, aquaphor and lots of blistex/carmex.

Look forward to hearing about your progress. All the best!

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wow it's really nice to know that someone started at the same exact day as i did! i also just started yesterday with 20mg brand actavis.

have prepared myself with moisturizer, lip balm, hand body , cleansing etc.

i have been coping with acne ever since i was 15 now im 19. never have been really working for me so now im finally dealing with accutane which i hope will work out!

kudos to all of us :)

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I'm in my third week of accutane and I've had some mild side effects. My lips are extremely dry. No matter how much Chapstick I use they get dry again within like 20 minutes.

I have been breaking out worse than usual which is kind if devastating. Cysts all over my jawline, and my skin is so dry that it's huge cysts with mounds of dry skin on top. So uncomfortable and it hurts. I guess this is my "initial breakout". And it really sucks.

I've also been having some pretty severe mood swings. No suicidal thoughts or depression or anything, but I've been acting kinda crazy. Getting angry at silly things, making impulsive decisions. Ugh it's awful.

I hope the next five months goes by quickly. I already don't like this. But I really want clear skin. :(



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I am definetely in the same boat as you! I began my course on November 13, and my skin is so dryyy - just like yours. I know that all these things suck a lot, but hey? This will DEFINETELY be worth it for a beautiful clear skin? Am I right? That's what I'm thinking of all the time! Please do it.. You have finished your course before you even know it :)

Merry Christmas! Smilee :)

- Accutane start: 13 November 2013wub.png -

Weight: 70 kg - Cumulative dose: 148 mg/kg

Month 0-1 - 40mg

Month 1-2 - 40mg

Month 2-2½ - 40 mg

Month 2½-3 - 80mg

Month 3-4 -80 mg

Month 4-5 - 80 mg

Month 5-5½ - 80 mg

Clear of acne - but still struggling with red marks/scars :)


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Day 27.

I think I'm finally recovering from my "initial breakout". However I've heard these can go on for months, so who knows. Anyways, right now I mostly just have scabbing where my cysts were. They're really dry, I guess taking a while to heal? Not sure. I use cetaphil and oil-free neutrogena moisturizer with sunscreen religiously. Cetaphil in the am and pm. Moisturizer anytime I'm feeling dry. Face or anywhere. Arms especially.

I've been having nosebleeds and dry blood in my nose. It is somewhat painful. Feels like when I got my nose pierced when I was 18 and couldn't yawn or flare my nostril by any means without it hurting.

I have eczema on my arm. Mild I would say.

Lips are pretty bad. I apply blistex medicating Chapstick religiously. Corners are cracked and red. Not pretty.

Derm appointment is early Monday morning. Round two of blood test and jumping hurdles to actually get the medication in my hand.




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