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Any Alternative In Australia?

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I am in Australia now.

Shipping costs huge.

Any advice on the alternative of regimen supplies that can be found in drug store, or Chemist?

I will be really appreciate if there is any advice.

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Benzac BP gel is available in Australia. Most chemists stock it in 5% but to follow the regimen ask them to order in 2.5%.

I started the regimen using benzac but found that once you start ramping up the BP to the amount the regimen describes, the cost starts to mount up. Plus the Acne org BP is far superior to benzac. I would suggest that you start with Benzac, see if you're going to be able to stick with the regimen and if you are, bight the bullet and order products.

Good luck!

After remaining clear for around 1.5 years following DKR (The Regimen), in March 2013 I decided to change to Epiduo. I use a pea size amount of epiduo each night, followed by a layer of topical antibiotic (Eryacne). I also apply Eryacne every morning and moisturise twice a day. After switching to Epiduo from the regimen I found that it took a good 3 months to get back to being perfectly clear again and now I might get one small pimple appear per month. I can live with that

I started following Dan's Regimen in September 2011 after suffering with acne for 20 years or so. I followed the Regimen instructions exactly and became 100% clear within 9-11 weeks. In December 2011 and after being consistently clear for over a month, I started to slowly reduce the amount of BP I used until I was only applying BP at night. My skin still remained clear however I sometimes switched to applying BP twice a day for a few days (perhaps once a month) if I felt a few under skin bumps starting to come up. I used products (including AHA and jojoba oil) and sometimes cetaphil moisturiser at night if I felt my skin was especially dry. In the gallery I show my week by week progress following the regimen.

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I'm Australian and am using Benzac AC 2.5% for my benzoyl peroxide (can be found at any chemists, priceline, mychemistwarehouse).

For cleanser I'd definitely recommend Cetaphil! I use the one for oily skin but many love the gentle skin cleanser version. It receives really good reviews here and is nice and basic. You can get it at all chemists and supermarkets.

For moisturiser I use Dermalogica but Dan recommends the Cetaphil lotion as an alternative. You could also try Neutrogena oil-free moisturizers.

I had a harder time finding a glycolic acid product that wasn't $100 in some crazy serum concoction so I bought this: last night. It''s only $15ish and $8 postage with a couple of days shipping only. It's the cheapest I have found available, even with postage. Otherwise I have heard good things about Neostrata products from chemists and mychemistwarehouse

Pure Jojoba Oil can be found at health food stores and most chemists :) I use rosehip oil instead.

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The Simple skincare brand has a range of products that would probably be more than adequate replacements for The Regimen products. I'm currently using one of their moisturizers and I am so impressed with it. I'm in NZ btw so I know your pain. I also use the Benzac 2.5%, it's about $25-30 here but I imagine it's a little cheaper over there.

AM Routine:
Splash face with water
Stridex Maximum Strength Pads
Simple Kind to Skin Light Hydrating Moisturiser
La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50+ Dry Touch Gel-Creme
PM Routine:
Avene Cleanance Gel
Silk Naturals AHA Toner (every other day)
Simple Kind to Skin Light Hydrating Moisturiser
Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask 1x a week
Spot treatment: 2.5% BP or QHMJP
Helpful Skincare Sources:
Sunscreen Simulator

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