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From Double Blade To Single Blade And Now Contemplating Electric Shaver

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hi guys, im 26 brown skin men. atm i''m using a single blade razor for my shaves although it gives me a smooth shave, my skin especially from the sideburn along the jawline and chin tend to have stubbles. im not sure whether its enlarge pores or stubbles. well anyway i do have mild acne and scarring thats why i switch to single blade razor but right now due to my rate of growth i would probably have to shave twice a day because even with slight hairgrow plus with the acne scarring on that area, it looks horrible. im thinking maybe the first layer of skin tend to be slice off with the razor causing enlarge or open pores which in turns cause pimples.

so im contemplating getting a electric razor, as it would probably save time and its quite handy especially at work too. however, i realize the best results was shaves from the barber but it would cost me and like i said by evening i've got a mild hairgrowth.

i'm just really tired of shaving and shaving (xtra prep, time consuming),

what you guys think?


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