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Lymecycline Not Working?

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I have been on Lymecycline capsules for the past 9 weeks now. I have seen no improvements my skin has only got worse. I am also on the combined pill but with both medications i have seen no improvements in my skin. I have mild to moderate acne and my spots are very red. I wondered if anyone has seen results from Lymecycline?

How long will it take before i start seeing results?

Is there anything better than i can ask the doctor to prescribe me? Hopefully nothing that will dry my skin out and make it go flakey?

Please help thankyou.

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I was on Lymecyline and Dianette at the same time for 8 months. Even with both these drugs combined it took at least 4 months to see an improvement and only after 6 months did they really kick in and make a noticeable difference.

It takes time, good luck :)

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16th May-27th October 2013

15 Years Old/Female/52kg

Month 1- 20mg

Month 2- 40mg

Month 3- 40mg

Month 4- 50mg

Month 5 and 1/2- 50mg

Also see page 4 on my log for the before and after photos :)

"You can't make a rainbow without a little rain"

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