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Anemia Treatment And Acne?

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So, I'm anemic (probably because of my baaad diet)

I'm starting to take a multivitamin which has iron, B12 and many other vitamins but I made sure it had no you think it will make my acne worse? I heard iodine is the main culprit for breakouts caused by multivitamins

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I'm kinda anemic too, and the supplement made me break out, unfortunately. I'm trying to have a better diet, eat iron rich foods like liver, beef, sardines (i hate fish though), beans etc. But the level of my red blood cells wasn't very dangerously low - just if I continued having the diet I had, I would end up having serious problems.

But try taking supplements and see how your body reacts, maybe you're also better off getting your vitamins with food, than synthetic ones.

Diagnosed with PCOS

Occasional acne + rolling scars


- Yasmin birth control
- Spironolactone 37,5mg going 25mg
- Inositol powder 2 times/day before meal


- Hemp oil

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