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How I Cured My Redness - Baby Oil, Dermol & Aveeno

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Hi everyone!

Been a while since I posted here. Anyway, just a quick backstory. Between the ages of 16-18, I had AWFUL acne. I used the BP regimen during my college years and it worked wonders for my acne. Eventually, my acne went away pretty much entirely.

Unfortunately, my doctor never warned me of BP's tendency to lower your skin's defense against UV rays etc. After a while, I noticed I was getting much more sensitive to the sun. After a few particularly bad sunburns and shaving rashes, I tried dozens of different moisturisers and lotions to calm my red skin. Eventually, I got to the end of my tether and just slapped on some shaving balm all over my face and neck without thinking. BIG mistake. For the past two years I've been living with a permanent rash and I'm pretty sure that's what caused it.

Anyway, I noticed from pictures etc that my face was much redder than those of my friends and it started to bother me. I googled symptoms and I seemed to have rosacea, seb derm or maybe a combination of the two. As of now, it's still undiagnosed and I refuse to take any medication for it after what BP did to me. For the past two years, I've been searching for my own cure. I think I finally got it.

I cover - and I mean, cover - my face and neck with Dermol cream and leave it for a minute or two before washing it off with the coldest water I can bare. The colder the better. I pat my face half-dry, but not completely, and add some Johnson's Baby Oil to my palm. Rub it together vigorously to warm the oil up, then massage it into the face and neck for around 30 seconds. I leave it for another 30 seconds, then carefully pat it dry. Then I apply one pump of Aveeno Skin Rescue With Shea Butter to my cheeks, nose and chin, and around a half pump to the forehead and then leave it to absorb. I can't believe how effective it's been. I needed to share this with you guys!

Here's me at my absolute worst, ugh.


After just ONE WEEK -


After two weeks:


After a month:


This weekend (in the middle) and that's even after a few beers!


It really has been an incredible transformation. I still get a little pink when I have a drink or get hot, but it's totally manageable. I used to avoid cameras at all costs, especially harsh flashes. A month ago, I'd have looked 100 shades redder than the other two in the pic, but now I finally feel normal again!

If anyone has any questions they'd like to ask me, feel free!

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