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Retin A (Tretinoin) Ruined My Face.. Acne Help!

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Hello Gorgeous people!
Skin History:
I had clear skin throughout my whole life thank god... when i turned 22 i started to have a minor break out on my left cheek. I went to the dermatologist and left with no prescription and not help. I walked into my local sephora and a beauty expert recommended Murad Time release acne cleanser and Peter Thomas Roth Max complexion correction pads it worked beautifully for me and cleared my skin indefinitely! I would get ONE zit around the time of the month and would disappear on its own. Due to poor skin habits i had a lot of dark hyper pigmentation ( i never used spf! Yes i know very bad idea!)
September 10, 2013 i went to the dermatologist to get rid of my dark spots on my cheeks and left with a retin a prescription i was so excited because i read all these wonder reviews! the first 2 weeks was amazing i saw results and was very happy the 3rd week i started to break out like crazy all over my cheeks and my forehead! I got really worried so i went back to my dermatologist and she told me to stick with it and prescribed me oral antibiotics which did not help! i stuck it out for 3 months and my acne was only getting worse multiplying over night i got new inflamed acne, cystic acne and enlarged pores (which i never had before!!!) finally i decided to stop the retin a and start all over again
Now it has been 3 weeks since i stopped retin a only using my cetaphil daily cleanser and neutrogena acne stress control toner my inflamed acne has improved but not gone my cystic acne is still there and a lot of red acne marks on my face (which makes my face look a lot worse than it really is!)
I just oreder The regimen and planning to sart That Decemeber 10 which is a month after i stopped retin a
Has anyone tried the regimen...Does anyone have any advice or suggestions anything would help!

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