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Spiro And Nausea: Help!

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i started spironolactone [50 mg, 2x a day], prescribed by my derm, for my hormal acne about 10 days ago. i got a little bit of an initial breakout [only whiteheads, none of those nasty cysts] that's actually already beginning to dry up. the acne on my back has seriously diminished. i like what spiro's doing for my skin.

the problem is that starting last night, i started having debilitating nausea. i was woken up by nausea in the middle of the night and felt so bad i sat hunched over the toilet for an hour in case i threw up. i never threw up, the nausea diminished, and i went back to sleep. i woke up this morning again still nauseous. not quite as severe as it was last night, but still enough to be distracting. suspecting the nausea might be from not taking spiro with enough food, i took my first dose of the day with lunch. the nausea returned intensely a few hours later and it's had me bedridden. taking it with food doesn't seem to be the answer. i skipped my second dose today hoping that might give the nausea time to diminish, or least give me a break for a little bit.

i'm also getting my period for the second time this month, but i can deal with that if it means clear skin. the problem is that this nausea is killing me. i know it's a common side effect of spiro, so i'm wondering if anyone else has taken spiro and dealt with nausea, how long it lasted, how severe it was, if it went away.


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I am not too sure if it is a side effect of spiro, because it appeared so late, maybe a stomach flu?

I have a ridiculously sensitive stomach, and it does not give me any problems if I take it with real meals and a lot of water. You definately have to watch your water intake. If not, spiro can cause you dehydration and you will feel dizzy and nauseaus.

All Spiro side effects for me disappeared after 2 weeks, although I have to drink regularly in order to not get a headache. The good thing about this is, that my chronic UTIs are cured by that reminder ;)

For stomach stuff of all kinds I always recommend Iberogast. If it is a stomach flu, vomex or MCP can be helpful, talk about it with your pharmacist or doctor.

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I have to say that I had the same problem with Spiro, nausea kicked in after a week or so and stayed - and as I am phobic of nausea/vomiting, I stopped taking it after two months. I had the same problem with the Yasmin pill (which I later learned is chemically similar to Spiro). However, and this may be an option for you if the nausea didn't get better (?), I did not get sick on the Dianette contraceptive pill. In fact I had no side effects at all.

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