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Acne/sensitive/dry/irritated Skin- Please Read!

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Hi guys,

Firstly this isn't something I do very often (posting on forums I mean) but I wanted to share my discovery with others who have suffered with acne dry sensitive skin especially us of later years that are still searching for that miracle cure.

I am a male of 42 and have had bad skin since I was around 15 and I have been suffering with skin problems until now, I have tried EVERYTHING- facial washes for sensitive skin, washes for acne skin, moisturisers for dry skin, moisturisers for acne skin, lotions, spot on treatments, medications and nothing has worked. Ive even tried OCM (Oil cleaning method) and sometimes my skin improves and I think at last I've found something that works only for my skin to start getting worse and I am back to square one and for me to repeat over and over. I must have spent thousands over the years. Its also been hard as a male to have to deal with shaving and admitting to using make up to cover my spots to allow me to face people otherwise I would never have left the house for the last 20 odd years.

I started reading into essential oils with more depth as I have never been comfortable with putting chemicals on to my skin and wanted to try something more natural, I had read somewhere about Lavender oil..... It is absolutely brilliant!!!

All I do is fill a sink full of very warm water and add between 4-6 drops of pure lavender oil, get a muslin cloth and soak it in the water and gently clean my face with it, I hold it onto my beard area for a few seconds longer (I use warmer water for this bit if I'm shaving) and get a razor and I can shave my skin without any problems and NO shaving foam.

I really can't begin to tell you how much better my skin is, for the first time in my life my skin feels clean and calm and much much clearer. Another thing I've always had a problem with is finding a moisturiser that suited my acne/dry/sensitive skin and believe me I've tried ALL of them but I find the best ones for my skin are the ones that have liquid paraffin/patroleum as the base ingredient (I know this goes against all the best advice as vaseline/patroleum based products are sometimes frowned upon) but for me they work better so I use 'Olay daily essential beauty fluid (sensitive version) and I add 1 drop of the lavender oil to a dollop of it as I moisturise my face after washing as above.

Lavender oil has anti inflammatory properties and can kill the bacteria associated with acne and can be used on the majority of skin complaints, it doesnt feel greasy to apply and really has made a massive difference to my life. ( I believe it isn't recommend for pregnant women so please consult a doctor before using if you are pregnant.

I know everbodys skin is different, but if you have tried everything else and you are at the point where you have given up trying all the different face wash brands with their promises then please give the lavender oil a go.

Best wishes to all of you.


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Same here i only use oatmeal as a cleanser and a avenoo moisturizer been doing this for about a month my skin has improve alot still got dark spots but they look that they are going away. Hope fully by my birth-day my face looks better :D, do im having oily skin problems right now -.- , going to get something later for that a diff moisturizer.

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