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East Indian Male Raised Pink-Ish Circular Scars On Tip Of Nose From Large Pustules

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I am a male.

My ethnicity is South Asian (East Indian).

My skin color is light brown (winter) to medium brown (when tanned in summer).

I would probably be a type 4 on the fitzpatrick scale.

When I was approximately 17, I got 4 really large pustules on the tip of my nose and on the side. The pustules were red, large, and took a long time to subside. Blood came out of them and a lot of pus came out of them as well.

2 pustules were on the tip of my nose, and 2 were on the right side of my nose.

They all formed these pink-ish/skin-colored RAISED CIRCULAR scars on my nose (which are there to this day).

One thing to note is, I actually somehow made the 2 pustule scars on the SIDES of my nose fade by scrubbing them so hard that my skin would come off kind of.. and I did this multiple times and I think they kind of faded through that.

The scars on the tip of my nose are still there.

My dermatologist was unhelpful with my acne scar problem because the small town I love in has few dermatologists and they focus on non-cosmetic things like serious skin diseases.

The dermatologist I went to reluctantly classified my scars are "papules" I think. Also, he said he could consider laser or acid peel to lower my raised scar, but the treatments could darken my scar and leave it hyperpigmented.

I have attached some pictures of my scar, can someone with knowledge and experience on this matter assist me on how to lower my raised scar without any hyperpigmentation (or other side effects)?

I humbly thank you for reading up on my problem. These scars have psychologically harmed my confidence a LOT for the past many years and still continue to do so.

I used just an iphone with really bad lighting, so I couldn't properly really show bad the acne scar looks.. but hopefully the pictures help.

Thank you.

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