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Urgent Help With Face Spot

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Hello Everyone,

I have few problems with my face skin and looking forward for your wise suggestion. Any suggestion and good advise will be highly appreciated. Please find my current face picture with this topic.

I am 22 years old, I have many spot and scar on my right cheek which is really affecting my confidence lately. Which bother me all the time when i meet new people. So i have trend to talk to people my facing left to them since i have spot and scars on my left cheek. So looking forward for you help and suggestion to fix it and gain my confidence back.

I gained those spot and scar from different occasion such as Acne, From finger nails, and even cashed with different object while playing. I know acne spot fade away when time pass by but i have some few scars and spot which is not fading away even after 5/6 years. So I am looking forward for your suggestion to get rid of it.

So I have done a internet research recently where i have seen Derma roller helps so remove such a spot and scar of face. It makes the skin spotless/scar less and make it look fresh and healthy again. So I have ordered a derma roller from amazon today which has 1.0 micro needle also order some collagen capsules to have while using the derma roller. And This my first time using derma roller and i am planning to use it at home. SO my question is will this help me to improve my current skin state ?( Please have a look at my current face picture)






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