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Accutane Blood Test (Important!)

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Dammit, my first post got erased before i hit send so im gonna keep it shorter.

13th week of 80mg/day

2nd blood test required.

scared because i had a few beers tonight and my test is in 2 days. will this affect results (liver enzymes)

i hate blood tests, so dont wanna redo it.

also had a slightly high reading of ldl cholestrol...anything i can do to lower the reading between now and saturday? I have fish oil pills which i heard helps.

whats weird is that on the labcorp result sheet, my ldl reading was higher than the average range, however every website i checked had my reading in the normal range..very weird, is my doctor just fucking going off labcorp sheets and not prior knowledge???

fuck, i could be a doctor then..

prescribe retin a, then prescribe antibiotics which work for a year, and then prescribe accutane while reading results of a goddamn paper..easy. he's lucky the accutane is actually working haha

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