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Constant Acne On Left Cheek Only

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Hey guys, I have started posting a few times, but I haven't really got much feedback.

I have on-going severe acne mostly on my left cheek only. (Yes - I clean my phone and change my pillow case)

I reached almost 100% clear skin with tamanu oil....seriously.....for a few months, and now its back and not going away so I went to the Derm. and got 25mg of Spiro , a RX Sulfer wash and Atralin gel samples.

Its only going on week 2 but my face is still inflames and red and broken out. I am losing hope / confidence on this. And I had having to wear full coverage makeup wherever I go / work.

If anyone has any advice or help or anything please let me know.

I don't know what this could be.

I don't know if this even has to do with anything but I am vegetarian.

Thanks all ;\

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This may not be what is up with your face, but a few months back I started using the ocm. I had tamanu oil and rosehip oil and I sued them as "serums" to repair some damage on my face (old pih marks). This actually worked great for a while, and then all hell broke loose on my face. I had super bad cystic-like acne that was very persistent... as in, it'd "drain" and then more would surface right away after. Gross.

My skin seriously looked super good for the first bit when using the oil, but I guess it was too much and in the end it made things worse.

Maybe this is what happened to you?

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My BCP Diary -

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