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Make Up?

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Makeup is… a huge pain on the regimen. I kept using it for a few weeks but then couldn't stand it anymore!

However, I did notice that a liquid foundation works best. Powder is awful when you are flaky. Also, using jojoba oil in the morning with my moisturizer kept the makeup from getting flaky and dry. When I didn't use oil under my makeup, my face looked terrible.

Also, this may just be me, but make sure your makeup is exactly the right shade for you. Before the regimen I could get away with shades that were a little off, but I think the BP can oxidize make up and make it orangey. I would be curious to know if anyone else has this same issue?

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I would say either Merle Norman products or Origins since they're super gentle without the nasty ingredients. I would stay away from actual concealer though. It's just too thick and your makeup could look super cakey. Use a mineral makeup for concealer instead. What I do is use a liquid makeup for the base (light application using a makeup sponge) and then do a light application of mineral makeup ( the brush kind of hurts because my skin is super sensitive with The Regimen-be as gentle as you can) and then I take a concealer brush and apply the mineral makeup to the spots that need extra coverage. Your makeup won't look perfect, so be prepared for that...when you're on The Regimen, your skin in going through a major change. But you may be able to make it look decent. Hope this helps! And of course this is just how my skin is...your skin may look fantastic with an actual concealer. Mine can't tolerate concealer though huh.png

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Current skin care routine:


Rainwater Botanical's Soap for Troubled Skin

Spot treat with's AHA

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

Clinique All About Eyes with Baobab oil


Clinique Take the Day Off Balm with Adzuki Micrograin Facial Scrub (All natural-awesome stuff!) Cleanser for extra cleansing ( I wear a full face of makeup)

Frugally Sustainable Blemish Astringent/or Rainwater Botanical's Toner for Troubled Skin (All natural-very soothing and non-drying)

1 1/2 Pumps of's 2.5% BP

Clinique All About Eyes with Baobab oil's Moisturizer (small amount)

When I get home from work, I like to let my face breath, so generally, I will use Clinique Take the Day Off Balm with the Adzuki micrograins, followed by a more gentle regimen. Currently, I am using Bare Minerals Blemish Treatment on any actives...LOVE this stuff!

I've recently added a mask to my routine. It's all natural and very cheap. Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar mixed with a wee bit of tea tree oil. This is great for blackheads!

I am currently 100% clear with this mostly natural regimen.

Makeup: Merle Norman's Purely Mineral Makeup Powder

Merle Norman Aqua Balance liquid foundation


Studio Gear Primer

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Best for me regarding covering abilities and stretchiness of make up ( so is does not appear all wrinkly and flaky) was Toleriane Teint Fluid from LRP. Take a very small amount, spread it over your fresh cleaned palms until you have a very thin layer between your heands. Keep your palms touching for a few seconds so the make up gets warmer and more fluid. Then lay your palms on your face on the worst affected areas that need most coverage,and again let it melt onto into your skin for a few seconds. Then use your palms to slightly pad it onto the rest of your face. Repeat if nevessary. Totally avoid any side- to side movement while your hands touch the face, it will cause the skin to flake and look gross. You can use a good fixation powder after it. But rather dust it onto the skin than really brush it in.

Personally, I made bad experiences with loose mineral powder foundations. First of all, the use of the needed kabuki brush caused my skin to flake, it was also irritating for the face and the mica that is added made me break out.

The avene couvrance products are also good for acne prone skin, but the LRP worked better for me in combination with BP.

Successfully on "the regimen" from age 12 to 33 for cystic acne


100mg spironolactone since 08/13

Paula's Choice BHA 2%,

Green Cream 6 Retinol

Acne free and already almost free of hyperpigmentation, discolorations and wrinkles

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I use Cover FX cream compact foundation. It lasts longer set it with a powder and when you use a primer (I float between cover fx anti-acne primer and Smashbox Dark Spot primer) but I find it works best and you don't have to use it all over your face - just the spots because it blends and layers beautifully. This way you are just covering what you need and not your whole face which should help against future acne. It also will last you ages and doubles as an under eye concealer when your face is all cleared up. Hope this helps!

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i began my regiment a few days ago. i notice that my skin takes way too long to absorb the 2 pumps of moisturizer. i read on the FAQ that i should do 1 pump and let my skin absorb the moisturizer then use another pump however my concern is...

1. when is it the time to put sunscreen on?

2. what if after the 2nd pump my skin does not fully absorb the moisturizer? can i put other products over it (ex. sunscreen, primer, foundation, etc.)?

3. what type of makeup/foundation/bb cream is the best for my oily skin specially when its taking a long time for my face to absorb the moisturizer?

4. while under the regiment, is there a specific order when I'm applying sunscreen, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, etc.?

Please help, i just want to simply know what is the best approach with makeup while i am under the regiment and also how i can hide my acne and dark spots (the holidays is fast approaching). thank you.

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