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Using The Regimen Only At Night

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I don't really have to time to do the regimen in the morning, as I barley make it to classes on time.

I will only use the cleanser in the morning then cleanse - BP - Moistrize at night. Will this work as well?

i don't have alot of active acne anymore, but my cheecks are filled with Post Inflamatory hyperpigmentation and some scars.

Should I still use the BP? since i don't really have much of active acne anymore, but I heard BP makes PIH worse.

I'm going to use aloe vera gel and Bioderma lightning serum ( to fade away the PIH) but in which order should i do this? Cleanser - BP - Bioderma - Moistrizuer?

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If you have relatively mild acne your skin will probably thank you for only doing the regimen once a day. I know a lot of people on here swear by the twice a day regimen but for me it was definitely not good my skin and I regretted ever starting it. Bp doesn't make hyperpigmentation you already have worse but it can seem to make new active acne cause more hyperpigmentation than it otherwise would. Having said that, once you get the active acne under control with bp then you won't have any hyperpigmentation causing blemishes to worry about! If you're worried about it though definitely be sure to use some kind of spf when you're out during the day.

If I were you I'd use the lightening serum in the morning in the place where you might otherwise use bp rather than using it alongside the bp at night but that's just my view. Hope you get the results you're looking for!

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I guess it's different for everyone, but whenever I skip a morning my skin seems to react almost instantly and I get new pimples the next day. Maybe if you wean off it slowly it won't make much of a difference. also, i think it depends how far you are into the regimen. I wouldn't do it only once a day unless youve been clear for a few weeks

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