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Do I Apply Bp Everywhere Or Only On Problem Areas?

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Hello everyone!

I just ordered the regimen kit, however it's unclear to me whether I should apply the regimen everywhere or just on my problems areas.

Now logically one would say just on the problem areas, however let me explain why this is unclear to me:

Now that I am 21, for some reason, I got a whole pack of whiteheads and pimples on my jawline, they leave dark red spots. They tend to linger under the skinsurface for a long time, and sometimes they do come out, but the moment they are gone they leave a spot and an other bump starts forming underneath, it just doesn't seem to stop forming. It's painful sometimes, I don't like to touch it and it itches sometimes as well.Obviously I am dealing with some hormonal acne..(just when I thought I was finally clearing from my puberty-acne, fml eusa_wall.gif ).

Now, the majority of my face is "clear", my forehead, nose, cheeks are completely "clear", but they are oily and the pores are visible, I get a small pimple there very few times.

  • My temples have a moon-landscape becaues they were pretty much covered with pimples and whiteheads during my entire puberty, I occasionally break out there as well, but not as much as I used to.
  • My chin gets occasional breakouts and cystic-painful zits, But overal I am not bothered by it because I have had worse, however my chin is not "clear", (but someone with severe acne might say my chin is..) For the moment I have 2 pimples and 2 small whiteheads there, they don't leave dark spots.
  • The sides of my cheeks also have a slight moonlandscape cause I used to break out there during my entire puberty, and it left hyper-pigmentation, however the pigmentation has faded now, I get occasional zits there as well, but only a few times.

The real "problem" area now is my jawline, it used to be clear though with occasionally a zit here and there. I included a picture (in the attachment), perhaps that helps to explain my skin-situation a little better.

Clearly my skin is not completely clear, but it also isn't completely covered with acne. I however do get occasional breakouts here and there, which are annoying and I am hoping that if I use the regimen I will be able to prevent those little breakouts aswell, however I don't feel the need to go over my entire face.

So: should I use the regimen just on my jawline? or should I include places like my chin and temples as well? Or should I just go ahead and do my entire face, since I feel like my entire face is not "clear" enough?



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