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The Autoimmune Component To Acne

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Is there one? I have heard that cystic acne signifies an overactive immune system (autoimmune) in the way it responds to the benign bacteria in the skin which is why it swells up so much.

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No doubt. Poor p-acnes gets a bad rap. The million dollar question is; what is causing the abnormal immune response in the first place?

If acne is an autoimmune disorder then should we all be infecting ourselves with worms?

God gave us everything we need; the earth to live on, animals to feast on, vegetables to make side dishes and fruit to be eaten in moderation.

The devil put grains, beats and sugarcane on the earth to tempt us.

For approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago most of us strayed away from temptation but the devils influence grew stronger and eventually we swayed to his evil ways.

God new that those whose faith was strong would never fall to temptation so he punished those who took to the pleasures of grains and sugar by not giving us the ability to digest grains and making sugar poisonous, eventually leading to all kinds of health problems including acne.

But some wanted there cake and to eat it too, free of health problems, so they made a pact with the devil and sold their soul's for acne free skin.

We see these people consuming delicious breaded, dough based meals, baked goods and confectioneries but with crystal clear skin.

These people are walking with the devil!!

They are the spawn of satan!!

Paleo is the righteous path my children!!

Your faith must be strong!!

Do not fall to temptation!!




is the


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autoimmune means it attacks our own body cells. Bacteria, good or bad, aren't our cells. So by definition there's no autoimmune element to acne. Body's response to infection-inflammation could be a factor though but not AUTOimmune.

What clears my acne:

Spironolactone 100 mg + limiting dairy

indoxyl (duac) gel + aha + baby brush for comedones.


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