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Alright people, im an 18 year old male and over the last few years ive been dealing with moderate acne, i get the odd one in different places but i always seem to have a ton, on my CHEEKS. Primarily THE RIGHT cheek. I believe i have found the cure and it is so simple im dumbfounded. They say the cheeks ( on your face of course lol) primarily the right one, is correlated to your lungs. Ive noticed that im always breathing through the mouth, which is NOT healthy for lungs. Breathing throuh the nose is an essential key to healthy living, look it up, there is actually TONS of sources on this topic. Breathing through the nose removes the impurities in the air such as bacteria, dust, and anything else you dont want in your lings. Over the past couple days ive been trying hard to primarily breath through my nose and y face is actually looking so healthy! Im not seeing red bumps under my upper right cheek. The nose also adjusts the air to 95 degrees fahrenheit which is optimal for lung health!! I hope i have helped atleast one person with this and i beg you to give it a try. I had to share this cuz i know how depressing, stressful, and socially debillitating this problem can be for us teens and even adults. Good luck to all i hope this helps. Also, if you breath throgh your nose and fall asleep, you will most likely breath through the nose through the whole night, ive even caught myself breathing through my nose without thinking about it.

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