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Claravis And Lupus

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Hi all,

I was on a five month course with the generic brand of Accutane, Claravis. I ended about a month and a half ago. While I was on Claravis, I experienced mild to severe muscle and joint pain, and fatigue which my dermatologist had told me was a common side effect. Gradually, these symptoms subdued and got a little better throughout my course. About a week or two weeks after I ended my course, the pain picked back up again. It felt worse than it had originally felt while I was on the medication. I went to my primary care physician and long story short, bloodwork was done and the results came back positive for ANA, particularly Lupus. No one in my family has ever had a past with any sort of autoimmune disease, so this diagnosis came as a little bit of a shock to both myself and my doctor. I have heard of some people having some pretty adverse long-term side effects from Accutane, with autoimmune diseases being included in those side effects. Just wondering, if anyone first handedly has experienced a similar situation or diagnosis? Or if anyone has any reference from either a doctor, the company, or what not in regards to the correlation between these two?

Overall, I've always been in good health. I'm only nineteen and lead a healthy lifestyle.

I'm meeting with a rheumatologist later this week, but I was just hoping to maybe find someone else who's in a similar scenario! Thanks in advance.

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I take they only tested the ANA??? ANA can mean a lot of things. I had a positive ANA and speckled which is a sign of lupus (the speckled) I also had a slight elevated DS Strand in which is a high indicator of Lupus. This was all shortly after Accutane. I was tested 2x with positive on all yet, follow up lab work for other Lupus blood work came back fine. There are 3 types of Lupus SLE, Discoid and DIL (drug Induced).

I really don't know if it caused Lupus or not, but it did cause Autoimmune Thyroid, Type 1 Diabetes (at the age of 33 go figure) and sjrogren's which is autoimmune.

What other labs did the primary test or is he leaving it up to the Rhuem? Make sure they test your thyroid also! Pm me if you have any other questions!

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