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Hi everyone,

So a few months ago I suffered a bad breakout which I believe is partly due to really bad stress this pass year. I had several closed

comedones on my face and some inflamed breakouts as well. It really destroyed my confidence. I became so depressed and I tried all

these different things, home remedies, over the counter products and nothing worked it just seemed to make it worse. I was so scared to go on a retinoid from the derm because I heard such horror stories about the initial breakout so I waited a long time until i finally found a good dermatologist who put me on tretinoin 0.025% and he made me start out by using it ever three days for a month and then the next month every 2 days. I now am suffering post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This has all really ruined my life. i know people have it worse and they are able to deal with it better but im a different person and this really ruined me. I have literally 0 confidence left. when i look in the mirror i just want to cry. I get so frustrated because day by day it doesn't get any better it just looks either worse or the same. I have literally no life. I wont even go out because i don't want anyone seeing me like this. Nobody knows me with skin like this, i always had beautiful skin.. I look at pictures now from a year ago and it breaks my heart because it looked so amazing and now im all marked up. I don't know what to do to get rid of it. I heard it can take 6 months to 3 years to fade away and i just cant handle that. I've already basically lost 5 months of my life.. my question is will the tretinoin cream im using help fade this quicker than it would if i wasn't using it ? Also what else can i do to fix this, what procedures has anyone had success with? im going to a plastic surgeon next week to see if i can get microdermabrasion done to help this, im just worried im going to spend all the money and its not going to fix my hyperpigmentation marks. Please any advice you can give me i would really appreciate it.

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