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Prescription Medications Not Working, What Next?

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Hi Guys

I have been suffering with moderate acne and tried to control it via benzoyl peroxide and over the counter spot treatments

When i started University, it got worse and i registered with my University GP and was prescribed Lymecycline and topical Clindamycin (Dalacin) and after a month, it worked like a miracle with all spots gone and my skin felt amazing.

However when my university finished and i moved back to my home, i had to re register with my previous GP and when i tried to get a repeat prescription from him for the Lymecycline/Clindamycin, he said that i no longer needed it and was prescribed oral oxytetracycline

After a month of oxytetracycline, acne came back and became worse with multiple white heads, blackheads and cystic acne, leaving severe dark marks

I was then prescribed doxycycline and zineryt, despite again telling my GP that my University GP prescribed Lymecycline and Clindamycin which worked very well, he persisted with the Doxy and zineryt and it did not work at all

I was then prescribed Duac which i have been using for about 2 months now and it has not worked either, with my face becoming very red and making acne worse with multiple infected white heads, blackheads, again leaving many marks

I dont know what to do now as i have read that for moderate acne, when antibiotics fail, accutane should be prescribed and i have a doctors appointment again coming up soon and really want this issue sorted (i have mentioned accutane before and he says he dosent refer to dermatologists due to side effects of accutane) so was wondering what advice you could give me as to the next step i should take in combating acne.

Should i possibly go to a private clinic then?, as i feel let down by my GP as my skin was so perfect during university with lymecycline and clindamycin and now seems to have become resistant to antibiotics

many thanks


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